NWA WCW Starrcade 1988

God damn, Tony looks so fat. Magnum TA is a special guest host with him for the show. JR and Bob Caudle will call the matches.

The Fantastics vs Steve Williams/Kevin Sullivan NWA US Tag Team Championships

Sullivan going from the devil to "Games Master" head of a frat kind of guy is pretty weird. Sullivan and Fulton begin the match. Second rope Thesz press from Fulton right away. I wonder how Sullivan managed to get so fat. Dude was jacked and shredded in the early 80s. More than just about everyone at the time. LOL at a shot of Jason Hervey and JR saying "....and his.....friend?". The way he said it was so funny. The Fantastics hit a double monkey flip on Doc, but he mows over Fulton shortly after anyway. Doc was only 27, but dude looked like he was in his 40s his whole life. He kind of had Arn Anderson syndrome. Kevin's mullet is really bad. It's almost a skullet. Also, Sullivan isn't a good wrestler. I don't think I've seen any matches from him that I enjoy. And these styles don't mesh well at all. If I can talk about Sullivan's mullet some more, it looks like he has half an under cut, trying a flat top, a mullet, and balding all at the same time. Doc pinned Fulton after a Stun Gun. New champions.

The Midnight Express vs The Original Midnight Express

Mirror match! Kind of. The Original Midnights were actually the originals. Paul E. Dangerously brought them back to be a dick to Cornette. So much bad hair in this match. Corny is the only guy who has a normal hair cut. Even the ref (Teddy Long) has an awful hair cut. Stan and Bobby run the originals from the ring. Corny's team is most definitely the face team. Even Cornette himself is over as a face. Heyman is such a good heel he could get Jim Cornette face pops. Condrey and Stan start the match, which slows down in a hurry after an atomic drop from Stan. Corny is doing a lot of prancing. Tags are made and the Originals are getting shown up. No offense from them so far. Flying elbow from Bobby. No response from the Originals. They are getting schooled. The tides turn when Bobby misses a move in the corner. After being FIP for a while, Bobby hits a desperation neck breaker, but couldn't make a tag. The Originals miss the Rocket Launcher. Hot tag to Stan. Paul E. hits him with the phone. Cornette decks Paul. Teddy counted the fall and stopped when he saw the phone, then held it up and asked the fans what happened. While Rose is arguing with Teddy, the current ME hit a leg sweep/clothesline combo for the win. After the match, they were attacked, along with Cornette. Cornette got hit with the phone and his own racquet. Bobby eventually got a hold of the racquet and ran the Originals and Paul off.

TO THE MAGNUM. TA talks with the Varsity Club backstage. I'm pretty sure IRS is sweating just doing a promo. IRS is going to kick Rick Steiner like a stupid dog.

Junkyard Dog/Ivan Koloff vs Russian Assassins

I'm sure this will be great. Hopefully this is short and they have a singles match next. JYD and Ivan is such a weird team. It was, in fact, quite short. The Assassins won after a gimmicked headbutt on Ivan.

Rick Steiner vs Mike Rotunda NWA TV Championship

Rick out wrestles and out bites IRS. IRS is covered in sweat seconds into the match. Kevin Sullivan is in a shark cage for the match. The match is kind of choppy so I'm sure I've missed some stuff, but as of now, IRS is in control and has lost 30 pounds of water weight. Lariatooooo! Rick got drilled with it. I can't tell if it is a stream issue or actual footage issue when it comes to the skipping. My gut leans towards it being a Network issue. It skipped ahead and the bell was ringing, but it was Dr. Death ringing it, so the match continued, but now Rick was all confused and Sullivan's cage had been lowered. IRS got rammed into Sullivan and Rick got the pin. New champion! Fans are losing their shit. A lot of people aren't aware that Rick Steiner was basically Eugene before Scott joined him.

Barry Windham vs Bam Bam Bigelow NWA US Championship

Barry surprises Bam Bam right away with some stiff punches and a back suplex that Bam Bam no sells. Barry bails out. Big shoulder block from Bammer. I think Bam Bam tried to bite the claw hand. Press slam to Barry. A standing dropkick sends Barry over the top and to the floor. JoJo tries to claim it was intentional, but Tommy Young said the match will continue. Super kick. Stalling suplex. We may see a new champion tonight. Barry fights back as JR talks about fighting spirit. Bam Bam is thrown to the floor, apparently hurting his knee. Bam Bam comes back in with a slingshot splash, then misses a Superfly Splash. Windham lariatooooooo. Back suplex from Barry. Maybe we won't see a new champion. Dropkick and Bam Bam goes back out to the floor. It's time for THE CLAW! JR is screaming about Barry rising to a level he's never seen before. Body slam. Barry misses his awesome flying elbow that I don't think he ever landed. Both guys go flying over the top, taking out a camera man in the process. Barry posts Bam Bam and makes it into the ring before the 10 count. Title retained. I love Barry Windham.

TO THE MAGNUM. Mags talks with the new TV Champion, Rick Steiner. Rick Steiner's gimmick really was that of a very likely mentally challenged athlete, so he was quite confused during most of the promo.

Dusty Rhodes/Sting vs Road Warriors NWA World Tag Team Championships

LOD turned heel by taking a spike off their shoulder pads and trying to stab Dusty's eye out. It almost got them thrown of TBS. They tried to ambush the faces, but a dropkick and DDT sent them scattering. Regardless of the heel turn, there was still a LOD chant that could be heard. Sting and Animal begin the match. Dusty should have worn face paint for this. A dropkick sends Animal bailing to the floor. Tag to Dusty. Elbow! He then goes for Animal's eye. Rip it out, Dream! Elbows for Hawk. Sting is in and biting while doing arm ringers. Hawk's NWA face paint seems a lot more intimidating to me. Hawk just pounds the fuck out of Sting in the corner. Sting fires back with a definite potato to the head. Powerslam. Giant elbow drop. Animal is in and easily press slams Sting. He comes right back with lariats and a cross body to the floor. Sting is a big dude to be flying around doing planchas and shit. It's pretty rad. Dusty works over Hawk's leg, but Hawk goes back for the eye. Dusty is starting to get funky like a monkey. Dropkick! Didn't take long for him to get taken back down. Animal tries to bite Dusty's eye. Hot tag to Sting. You ever notice that LOD wore their tights like mom jeans? Jeans up, mommies! Stinger Splash. Hawk breaks up the Deathlock. Sting had the match won with a top rope cross body, but Paul Ellering pulled Tommy Young out and got in the ring. The match was thrown out, so titles were retained.

Ric Flair vs Lex Luger NWA Championship

Hopefully the Virginia State Athletic Commission is not as strict on blood loss as Maryland's. Flair shows off too much in the early moments and gets clotheslined over the top. It was definitely intentional and should be grounds for a DQ. Come on, Tommy, you know the rules. You're the senior NWA official. That was clearly intentional. Holy shit, LOU THESZ is in the crowd! LOU THESZ! LOU THESZ! Press slam. Flair begs off. Lex doesn't fall for it. He does the second time, though. Lex is working over the arm. It would make more sense to me to work over Flair's legs so he wouldn't be able to properly do the figure four, or the ribs/back to set up for the torture rack. Lex Hulks Up from chops. That seems to happen to so many people that Flair should have figured out he should never do chops in the corner. Lex goes back to arm work, both in and out of the ring. Charles Robinson is clearly the offspring of a Ric Flair/Tommy Young love affair. Lex misses an elbow drop and Flair after the ribs. Double stomp from Flair. He rarely pulled that moved out. Chops again just fired Lex up for a short offensive burst that ended with Flair back suplexing out of a sleeper. Superplex. We're gonna have a new champion! NO! 2 count. Lex applies the figure four! BY GOD! Flair gets to the ropes. Lex accidentally elbows Tommy Young in the face while throwing punches. Lex hits a top rope cross body that would have won him the title if the ref was able to react faster. Rough Flair Flip. Lex is going to do it, guys! Press slam. Powerslam. It's time for the torture rack. JoJo distracts Lex long enough for Flair to go to the floor. He tripped Lex and smashed his leg with a chair while hanging off the apron. Time to fuck that leg up. Figure four. Lex hypes up and reverses it. The hold is broken. Flair goes up top for no reason at all. I like how it was never even explained that the reason Flair goes up top is because he won a title coming off the top once and thinks it will work again. Instead, it's just Flair goes up to the top rope when he has a guy down on the mat and then waits to be thrown. For 30 years. Flair just bounces off of Lex trying to do a Flying Burrito. Another powerslam and Lex calls for the rack one more time. Flair is up! Lex's knee gave out and Flair fell on top of him. Cover with feet on the ropes. Flair wins. Title retained.

TO THE MAGNUM. TA talks with Ric Flair and JoJo. WITH A TEAR IN MY EYE! I'm pretty sure the OG Big Gold Belt is the best championship in wrestling history. I can't believe Ric Flair didn't blade. This was Luger's last shot ever.

Tony wraps up the show talking about how Flair is the greatest champion of this era and what the future will hold for the NWA heading into the last year of the decade.


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