NWA Clash Of The Champions III: Fall Brawl

I actually had a big write up for this, but I accidently clicked "don't save" and lost it all. So here is the abreivated version with the gifs.

Mike Rotunda vs Brad Armstrong NWA TV Championship

Traditional heel champ vs fiery babyface challenger match that went, way, way too long with most of the match centered around chin locks or arm bars. The match went to a time limit draw, meaning IRS retained his title. Fans were very hot for Brad, but this match went on FOREVER and was not interesting at all.

Steve Williams/Nikita Koloff vs The Sheepherders 

Garbage match that completely wasted the boss ass team of Nikita/Dr. Death. Nikita won with the Russian Sickle. Almost 20 fucking minutes of the Bushwhackers. 

Dusty Rhodes vs Kevin Sullivan

Exactly as shitty as you'd expect a Kevin Sullivan in any era vs 8 years past his prime Dusty match to be. All Sullivan did was chokes and chin locks, all Dusty did was punches and elbows. I guess it was no DQ, because Al Perez interfered, and then Dusty pinned GARY HART to win. There was a god damn spike involved and no one even bladed for it.

Ricky Morton vs Ivan Koloff

Russian Chain Match

Your normal shitty chain/rope match. Ricky won in the also normal 3-3 OOPS SOMEONE FELL INTO THE LAST BUCKLE way. The real story is after the match, which saw Paul Jones get in Ivan's face and get decked. Afterwards, the Russian Assassins double teamed Ivan and left him bloody and hanging. No one came to save Ivan, not even his nephew, but this was his face turn.

Sting vs Barry Windham NWA US Championship

This is essentially both at their physical primes, and accordingly, it's pretty dope. The first half of the match is centered around Sting completely outclassing and frustrating Barry with his physical and power advantages. Then Barry does a slam on the floor that leads into the second half of the match, which is mostly him controlling Sting with suplexes or submissions. Ironically, it's Barry missing a Stinger Splash that triggers Sting's fire up.  After that, Barry gets busted open on the post, and Sting spends the rest of the match trying to exacerbate the cut. Eventually, Barry hits Sting with a HEAVILY padded chair after a ref bump, but San Francisco 49er John Ayers (who will be reffing an upcoming NWA Championship match) told Tommy Young what happened. Sting won by DQ.

This Clash had the same issue I have with most of the early Clashes: Matches were way too fucking long. Ain't no one asking for a 20 minute IRS/Brad Armstrong match, nor a 17 minute Bushwhackers match. Barry/Sting was dope, though. Very much enjoyed it, even though it definitely did not need to be a 21 minute match. Everything else can get fucked. I had one of my longer write ups for this before I accidentally didn't save it. Just imagine that it was very witty and humorous. 

This card got changed a few times. Originally, IRS was to defend his title against Brad Armstrong's partner, Tim Horner, who had left the company in August. Dusty/Sullivan was originally Dusty/Dick Murdoch vs Al Perez/Ron Garvin. Garvin also coincidentally left the company in August. It's also the last COTC or major event to officially be under the NWA/JCP banner, as World Championship Wrestling was officially formed on November 2, 1988 after Ted Turner bought out Jim Crockett Promotions. To be extra technical, WCW was actually launched as the Universal Wrestling Corporation on 10/11/88. UWC was still an active Time Warner trademark as of 2014, 13 years after the WWE buy out of WCW, due to the most talents (and therefore lawsuits) being signed to UWC instead of WCW. So really, WCW lasted at last another decade plus after the buy out.