NWA Starrcade 1985

This show is actually being held in two different arenas, so Tony and Bob simulcast with Johnny Weaver to talk about the two cards. Johnny has no idea when he is or isn't on camera, so he's just constantly making the weirdest faces.  

Sam Houston vs Krusher Krushchev NWA Mid Atlantic Championship

A traditional speed vs power match up. It goes that way for a good 5 or 6 minutes, with Sam sticking and moving, until Smash hits a huge Flapjack Norton to change the tide. Sam hits the bulldog, but Krusher has his foot on the rope. Krusher hits the Russian Sickle for the pin, although the ref missed Sam's own foot on the rope. New champion. 

Manny Fernandez vs Abdullah The Butcher Mexican Death Match

Lmao, a fan grabs Abby's headdress on his way to the ring, so he ends up trying to fight with the fan, and by the time he gets to the ring, he's drenched in sweat and bleeding. And the second Manny enters the ring, he's attacked and bleeding immediately. That's the whole match: Hitting each other with something, bleeding more, hitting with something, bleeding. Manny got the sombrero off the pole, winning the match. Abby took as many bumps in this as I've seen him in all the matches I've seen all together.

TO THE WEAVER. Johnny speaks with new Mid Atlantic Champion Krusher Krushchev, who thanks the Koloffs for making him what he is today.

Ron Bass vs Black Bart Bullrope Match

If Bass wins, he'll get 5 minutes in the ring with JJ Dillon. More blood immediately into the match, more hitting each other with a weapon over and over. Bass pinned  Bart, and JJ immediately hit the ring.

JJ Dillon vs Ron Bass Bullrope Match

Bass beat the shit out of JJ, but he accidentally hit the ref with the bell. bart comes back and hits Bass with a piledriver. JJ wins! Lol.

Billy Graham vs Barbarian Arm Wrestling Match

Superstar won and of course was immediately attacked and busted open. They then start the wrestling match. Barb quickly got disqualified. 

Terry Taylor vs Buddy Landel NWA National Championship

Taylor pretty easily controlled most of the match, with Buddy only getting offense with some big strikes from time to time. Then there are TWO ref bumps, Buddy gets bumped into JJ (who is back in a suit with his head wrapped up), but JJ is able to knock Terry off balance while hitting the superplex, allowing Buddy to fall on him and get the win. New champion. 

Wahoo McDaniel/Billy Jack Haynes vs Minnesota Wrecking Crew NWA National Tag Team Championships

Boy, hard to get me to not want to watch an Arn match, but Wahoo AND Billy Jack? Frick. As expected, the Andersons keep Wahoo in the ring, going after his arm, keeping him away from his corner. Ole held down Wahoo's foot from the floor as Arn pinned him. Title retained. Thankfully not a long match.

TO THE WEAVER. After a short intermission, Johnny speaks with Buddy and JJ. 

Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard

I Quit Steel Cage Match NWA US Championship

All the hatred has finally come to a boil, and despite NWA President Bob Geigel not sanctioning this match due to the potential for serious violence and injury, Jim Crockett Jr. used an old contract signed by Tully Blanchard to force him into it, which is totally a dick move. And this isn't a wrestling match, it's a fight, which is great. There's no bullshit trading holds ore trying to escape, it's two dudes who hate each other trying to hurt each other. Both men bleeding, shouting obscenities. Tully brings a wooden chair into the ring and breaks a leg off, attempting to stab Magnum's eye out. Magnum is able to fight it off and uses the piece of wood to gouge Tully's head until he gives up. New champion! What a wonderful piece of wrasslin.

Jimmy Valiant/Ms. Atlanta Lively vs Midnight Express

Atlanta Street Fight

First off, fuck Jimmy Valiant forever. Secondly, Ms. Atlanta Lively is Ron Garvin in drag and I hate everything about this angle. Hopefully this is the end. Since Condrey is in a white tux, it's safe to say he'll be going to do a lot of bleeding. Of course, both Midnights are busted open in about 2 minutes. This is terrible. Garvin punched Eaton out of the air to get the win. After the match, Jim Cornette is stripped to his underwears.

TO THE WEAVER. Johnny speaks with Magnum, who says he will defend his title against anyone.  

Ivan Koloff/Nikita Koloff vs Rock N' Roll Express

NWA World Tag Team Championships Steel Cage Match

Weirdly, the RNRs control much of the big first chunk of the match, keeping Ivan in the ring and making frequent tags. And then when the Russians take over, Gibson is the one in the FIP role. When Ricky got the tag (not even a hot tag, just a kind of out of nowhere tag), he pins Ivan with an O'Connor role. And because lolwrasslin, Ricky bumps into the cage and blades AFTER the match. New champions. After the match, Ricky was eliminated from the ring, allowing Robert to get triple teamed by the Russians. 

Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair NWA Championship

After Dusty starts off hot knocking Flair on his ass repeatedly, Flair kicks Dusty's bad ankle and really kicks off the match. Dusty, in turn, decides to go after Flair's leg. So they go back and forth stomping or putting holds on each other's legs, which is kind of an interesting turn of events for them, especially Flair, who has to do actual selling most of the match. After Tommy Young got elbowed in the face, Flair threw  Dusty over the top rope, but Dusty hit a cross body block and had the match won had Young be in position. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, of course, Flair is bleeding. Tommy Young got bumped TWICE more. The last time, the Andersons hit the ring and attacked Dusty. But when a new referee came out, Dusty kicked out! SWERVE! Small package. New champion! OUTTA NOWHERE! Lmao, Arn also bladed after his run in. 

TO THE BACK. The faces celebrate with Dusty in the lockeroom. 

Shout out to blood borne illnesses. The amount of blood on this show is comically absurd. To the point where people were blading AFTER their matches or on run ins. Of the 12 matches on the combined cards, only 3 matches didn't have blood. Although one of those had someone who would go on to bleed later in the show (Arn).