Hey, it's Stro. Lambada is somewhere in his Eurotrash nation doing Eurotrash things, so I'm filling in for him. 

Kazunari Murakami vs John Dixon

The very first PRIDE fight, and it has a 65 pound weight difference between fighters. Murakami is going to be jumping into pro wrestling in 1998. Some dope judo throws from both men. Murakami wins via arm bar in 94 seconds.

Gary Goodridge vs Oleg Taktarov

More dudes who would do some wrestling on the side. Oleg is a Russian Sambo breh known for his stoicism and flashy throws. Oleg tried to do a boxing match and got murked.  Gary won via KO and then hit BRUTAL downed punches to a clearly KO'd dude. Oleg was COMPLETELY out and had to be carried out on a stretcher. "Carry the fuck out of that stretcher." Gary seems to have broken his foot as well. "Hopefully everything is okay with Oleg. I guess we'll find out later."

Shoji Akira vs Renzo Gracie

Wouldn't it be hilarious of friend Henzo embarrassed his family before Hickson main evented? He totally has the fight won with a rear naked, so Shoji just rolled out of the ring. Lol. Henzo had multiple deep submissions locked in, but couldn't finish. The fight goes to a 30 minute draw. Star making fight for Akira, who showed the budo of a tested samurai. 

Nathan Jones vs Koji Kitao

Kitao the famous cunt who tried to poke out Earthquake's eyes and then told the crowd pro wrestling was fake. Nathan Jones, famous cunt who did nothing in WWE despite being 7 feet and 350 pounds of muscle. HOSS fight. Koji easily scored a take down and won via an Americana in 2:14.

Ralph White vs Branko Cikatic

What a dope name for the Croatian. Branko. Lmao at him hitting a spinning back kick while touching gloves. What a heel. He also threw an illegal downed kick that left a welt the size of an egg on Ralph's head. It actually kept growing and the fight was ruled a no contest because if that thing had popped in the ring, Ralph might have bled out.


Kimo Leopoldo vs Dan Severn

For some reason, these two non-strikers are content to have a stand up fight. Kimo's leg kicks did major damage. A very boring 30 minute draw. Both were gassed about 10 minutes in. Maybe less. Bas got so pissed during this, lol. "Jesus Christ!" Fans booed the fight, which Bas claims to have never heard in Japan. 

Rickson Gracie vs Nobuhiko Takada

What the whole PRIDE FC was built upon. A "superfight" between the legendary 7,000,000 - 0 Hickson vs pro wrestler Takada. Shout out to the Westwhirl reference in this fight. Lmao, after circling for a minute or two, Hickson hit a blatant low blow. Rickson won via arm bar in just under 5 minutes. It's pretty obvious Rickson would have been REKT if he was against a real fighter. Zero striking defense, terrible stance.

A pretty good first event. Compare it to UFC 1 and it's pretty crazy how much the sport had progressed in under 4 years. Obviously Rickson's legend is exaggerated, but he did not strike me as a dude who would have not gotten his head knocked off by someone like Gary Goodrige on this show. The commentary for Severn/Kimo was god damn hilarious, just openly shitting on both of them and the fight for about 20 minutes, and then Bas more or less said Rickson's legend was bullshit, which is a ballsy move to say about the star and one of the bosses.