Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 1 9/21/93

The debut show for Pancrase, the logical evolution of shoot style pro wrestling: Actual shoot fighting with pro wrestling rules. Allegedly. 

Minoru Suzuki vs Katsuomi Inagaki

Boy, MiSu had death in his eyes, and Inagaki looked terrified. Suzuki choked his ass out in about 3 minutes. Inagaki literally got on his knees in tears to pay homage to Suzuki after the fight. Shit was weird.

Minoru Suzuki paces.gif
Suzuki throws Inagaki.gif
Suzuki slaps Inagaki.gif
Suzuki chokes out Inagaki.gif

Bas Rutten vs Ryushi Yanagisawa

El Guapo won with DA  DANGITY DANGITY DANG in 45 seconds. Knocked  that dude into the Netherrealm with a palm strike.

Bas Rutten palm thrust to Yanagisawa.gif
Bas Rutten KOs Yanagisawa.gif
Bas Rutten jumps.gif
Bas Rutten poses lol.gif

Vernon White vs Takaku Fuke

Fuke won with a gnarly arm bar about a minute in.

Fuke arm bar to Vernon White.gif

Kazuo Takahashi vs Dave Meltzer

In Double Talk Dave's one and only fight, he lost by TKO in a minute.

Dave Meltzer.gif

Ken Shamrock vs Masakatsu Funaki

The only fight that is actually a fight, as this goes 6 minutes with Ken winning via arm triangle.  

Ken Shamrock kicks Funaki.gif
Ken Shamrock stuffs Funaki.gif