WCW Souled Out 1/24/98

Chavo Guerrero Jr/Lizmark Jr/Super Calo/Juventud Guerrera vs Psychosis/Silver King/El Dandy/La Parka

I’ll just leave you with the gifs. Too much to do a detailed write up on. And best of all, DUSTY is on commentary! Chavo pins Hypnosis with the tornado DDT. La Parka lays out everyone after the match and struts off. Like a DOCTAH!

TO THE MEAN GENE. 1-900-909-9900 is the scammiest 900 number ever invented. But I don’t remember the WWF Superstar line number by heart, so I guess they did something right.

Raven vs Chris Benoit Bowery Rules

Bowery rules are Raven’s rules which are ECW rules which is no DQ. The Flock is banned from ringside. WCW Raven is prime Raven as far as I’m concerned. It was his character distilled down to the best parts without all the bloat that Paul E. let him get to. That character needed a leash and WCW provided it in the best way possible. Plus working with much more talented opponents. The loaded boot gimmick never worked, though. I believed it for YEARS. Raven attacks as Benoit gets in the ring. He's “continyin” to dominate the opening minutes. Snapmare on a chair. I wish Dusty, Regal, and JR called a show. Bulldog on an open chair. Benoit hits the drop toe hold on the chair. Snap suplex on a chair. Then a snap suplex on the ramp. Benoit puts the chair on Raven’s face and stomps on it. Benoit then hits a diving headbutt with the chair still on Raven that no doubt contributed to him killing his family. It was rough even for his normal diving headbutt. He attempts a Northern lights, but Raven counters it with the Evenflow. Raven gets up and goes for the Evenflow again, but gets locked in the Crossface. He starts laughing and passes out. After the match, Kidman jumped to the top rope only for Dean Malenko to show up and put him in the cloverleaf. The rest of the Flock hit the ring and Benoit/Malenko fought them off. 

Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio Jr WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Jericho starts out trying to intimidate the smaller Rey, but Rey smacks the taste right out of Jericho’s mouth. 619 fakeout appears to injure Rey’s already injured knee. But it was all a SWERVE to get Jericho to run in. The announcers didn’t pick up on it, but it was pretty obvious. A victory roll almost gets the win. “Yeah, go ‘head and git it. IF it’s there.” Big hot shot puts Jericho in control. While on the floor, he hits a double underhook backbreaker and uses the steps as a springboard for a shoulder block. Rey comes back with an Unprettier. Even with his bad leg, he hits a spring board tope to the floor. And then a flapjack on the steps. Jericho hits the ropes while Rey is trying to springboard in, having him fall and get his leg caught on the way down. Jericho reverses a super rana into the Liontamer. New champion! Jericho continues to destroy Rey’s leg after the match. Rey is carried to the back. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ is in the ring with the WCW Championship. You’d think with all of these rules and fines being levied, he’d have some issue with Chris Jericho’s post match actions, but he didn’t seem to give a shit, even when Gene brought it up. He brings out Roddy Piper, who will make the final decision on the title. I don’t know why. He’s not in management. He has no power. He was interim commissioner, but he’s not anymore. He’s just an old wrestler. He calls Sting to the ring. He then calls Hall and Hogan to the ring. A whole bunch of talk just to say that Sting vs Hogan for the title will happen at Superbrawl. So, another month with no champion? Hall leaves Hogan in the ring with Sting and Piper. 

Rick Martel vs Booker T WCW TV Championship

Starts off with some good natured, respectful wrasslin. Martel almost gets the win with a roll up. Dusty says Hall is going to get “pretzelized” in his match with Larry. Book blocks a hip toss with a lariat. Spinarooni into the Harlem sidekick and back to arm work. Lots of arm work. Martel gets caught on a leapfrog, sells it, and then starts slapping the shit out of Book for it. Martel goes on the offense and is getting more aggressive as the match wears on. Spinebuster. Book comes back with a high impact diving forearm. Quebec Crab! Booker is close to the ropes, though. Martel thought he won and began to celebrate. Ax kick. Side slam. Harlem Hangover for the win. Good match. Saturn attacks Martel after the match. Booker made the save. 

Scott Hall vs Larry Zbyszko

Hall comes out with Louie Spicolli. Larry’s back up is…DUSTY RHODES. IN PUBLIC, if you wheel. Dusty looks ridiculous with his tapered jeans, tucked in denim shirt buttoned all the way up, and yellow/purple WCW hat. Larry repeatedly takes Hall down. Larry is basically putting a wrestling clinic on while Dusty shit talks on the floor. A right hand knocks Larry to the apron. Hall goes on offense and big “Larry sucks” chants start up. They’re all about dat Hall. Fall away slam. He goes for the Edge, but Larry back drops out of it. Larry hits a flurry of punches in the corner and accidentally hits the ref in the back with a spin kick. Larry plays opossum and locks Hall in the guillotine. Dusty then takes care of Louie. Larry holds Hall for Dusty, but Dusty elbows Larry. He reveals a nWo shirt. Why, that’s a SWERVE! Bionic elbows on Larry. Dusty is the newest member of the nWo! Larry wins via DQ. Brain and Tony get into it for some reason. Crowd is still chanting “Larry sucks”. 

Steiner Brothers/Ray Traylor vs Konnan/Buff Bagwell/Flapjack Norton

Scott had destroyed these guys individually and as a team like 3 weeks in a row. Rick wants to start the match. Actually, he insists and makes Scott get out of the ring. Tony is preoccupied talking to producers and asking for Tenay to come out. Buff pretends to be Rick. Rick pretends to be Buff. Poetry. It’s about 3 minutes before Tony calls a single thing in the match. It looks like Scotty is getting iced out. That’s a shame, since he’s the most likely guy to have a giffable moment. This is boring and the crowd is dead. Rick makes a tag to Boss Man and Scott at the same time. Scott comes in and throws Norton around, then hits a dragon suplex and the Screwdriver on Konnan for the win. 

Kevin Nash vs The Giant

Back suplex from Giant. Then that “Imma ram my ass right into your dick” move than he and Andre liked to do. They trade clotheslines in the corner, but Giant hits an Amish Mafia kick. And beils Nash out of the corner. KEVIN NASH does a leap frog. He then does a plancha and even crazier, Giant catches him. Chair shot from Hogan as Giant was getting back into the ring. He got back in at 9 and hit a huge clothesline on Nash. They did the WM 12 double big boot spot. Bischoff gets chokeslammed and this allows Nash to throw more hot coffee in Show’s face. And then that disgusting botched powerbomb for the win. No doubt Nash took more bumps in this match than the previous 3 years combined.

Ric Flair vs Bret Hart

Bret had some weird temp music. Lol, the kid to get Bret’s classes was SO stoic. I wonder why neither guy brought up that Bret won his first world title from Flair. Starts out with mat wrasslin and head locks and the like. Bret locks on the figure four about 2-3 minutes in, just to dick with Flair. Flair gets mad and shoves, gets knocked on his ass, then slaps Bret, and gets slapped back. He bails to the floor after that. This is like an NWA match. Slow, methodical, and no frills. Bret being able to last a few more years and become the grumpy vet would have been really fun. Low blow from Flair. Trick knee. This is just a straight wrasslin match. Back and forth, leg work, holds. You know, wrasslin. Bret wins after a superplex and the Sharpshooter. A good, old school wrasslin match. Probably the best Bret WCW match that didn’t involve Benoit. And probably one of Flair’s best in 10 years in either direction.

Lex Luger vs Randy Savage

This starts out in the aisle where Liz makes the first strike. Brain says Dick The Bruiser was a punk compared to Randy Savage. Liz continues to get involved. This is basically a Thunder match. Hall comes out with a chair. Hogan stops him. Lex shoves Savage into Hall, who goes off the apron. Lex puts Savage in the Torture Rack and wins. The nWo hit the ring and so does STING. Sting puts Hogan in the deathlock while Nash is in the rack. It was like 7 minutes. Bret vs Flair absolutely should have been the main event. 

Really good show except for the lame and nonsensical title segment with Roddy Piper somehow getting to make the final decision and the weak ass main event.