WCW SuperBrawl VIII 2/22/98

The Cow Palace is such a weird name for an arena. 

Booker T vs Rick Martel WCW TV Championship

I think Martel is full heel now. He wants to shake hands. Book isn’t falling for it again. Huge back body drop and a lariat sends Martel hurtling to the floor. The Flock are hanging out at ringside. Lodi has “Mars Needs Women” written on his back. Spinning kick. This has been all Booker. Martel tries for the O'Connor roll, but keeps rolling and gets super kicked instead. Book does a hip toss a bit too close to the ropes, and Martel’s leg gets tweaked in them. He’s clearly hurt, but keeps going. He’s trying his best. It’s actually pretty crazy how well he’s doing considering he just tore ligaments and cartilage in his knee a few minutes ago. Spine buster and Boston Crab, but Book was in the ropes. Flying forearm. Ax kick. 110th Street slam! Martel jumps off the ropes and gets caught in a Harlem side kick. New champion! Saturn immediately hits the ring. 

Saturn vs Booker T WCW TV Championship

Martel was actually booked to win, but they changed the finish after the injury, so this was supposed to be Saturn vs Martel. Saturn locks in the Rings of Saturn before Booker can even celebrate. He tries a series of roll ups and pinning combinations, but can’t keep Booker down. It goes to the floor. Stun gun on the railing. Booker can’t get back on track. He finally gets a powerslam in. Book gets punched over the top and Saturn hits a plancha. Then he does a Vader Bomb to the floor! Fans are 100% on Booker’s side. He makes a short come back before missing a flying tea bag in the corner. He’s not a luchador. He should have known better. Belly to belly superplex. Huge missile dropkick. Booker is coming back. Harlem side kick. T-bone suplex. Overhead belly to belly. In ring Asai moonsault. Book tries something off the ropes. Didn’t really work. Huge collision on a flying forearm. 110th street slam. Ax kick. Harlem Hangover is missed. Northern lights suplex only gets 2. Weak German suplex. Harlem side kick. Booker wins! Crowd went nuts. In any other company, Booker having 2 great matches in a row in 25 minutes with the crowd super into him would be a star making night that had him on the path to become the world champion. But since it is WCW, he’ll get the title in about 2 1/2 years and even then he only got to the main events because of the top guy walking out and suing. 

La Parka vs Disco Inferno

Parka tries to Sabu his chair at Disco to start the match. Lol, Parka doing goofy 70s dancing. They trade powerslams. They should have had a dance off. Lots of lariats for some reason. Crazy twisty dive thing from Parka. Parka trolls some fans in the front row. This is a weirdly physical match. Lot of brawling on the floor and guard rail spots. They’re beating the shit out of each other. Who ever would have thought Disco and La Parka would be on PPV having a serious and intense match? Suicide dive. This is quite good. I like both guys, but I wouldn’t expect them to be having a legit good PPV match. Ref gets an eye poke and the chair comes into play. Parka ends up getting thrown off the top on to it. Chartbuster! Disco wins! What a bizarrely good match.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene talks with JJ about the possible reinstating of Nick Patrick. He asks Nick to come out. Effective immediately, Nick Patrick has been reinstated without restrictions. He celebrates by kissing Gene and JJ. Kenny Powers is BACK, mother fuckers. Nick is happy to ref the main event, but JJ informs him that he won’t be reffing the main event tonight. That sounds like a restriction. Dickhead. 

Brad Armstrong vs Goldberg

Squash. The curse continues. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Chris Jericho Máscara Contra Campeonato

Jericho starts the match with his belt on. Again. Jericho tries to use his size advantage at first. Juvi’s speed is too much. He hits a rana off the apron. Jericho tries to intentionally get counted out to retain his title. Juvi sees through it. Juvi gets out of a German, but not the hot shot. Triangle dropkick from Jericho. Chris sets the steps up on the outside so he can spring off of them. Juvi caught him and sent him into the guardrail. Jericho catches a crossbody and hits a TTD. Victory roll almost wins the match and title. Delayed vertical suplex. Crowd is all over Jericho. Jericho reverses the next victory roll into an electric chair. He goes up top for a moonsault and gets knocked to the floor. Air Juvi deep into the aisle. Juvi Driver! 450! Jericho got his hand on the ropes. The ref counted the pin and the bell rang, but he restarted the match. Jericho chop blocked Juvi while he was celebrating. DDT counter out of a powerbomb. Double jump rana. Reverse suplex. Shit is getting AKI all up in this bitch. Missed Lionsault. Counters everywhere. Pop up rana is countered into the Liontamer. Juvi taps out! Juvi takes his time taking the mask off, so Jericho rips it off to reveal a homely Mexican woman.

Steve McMichael vs British Bulldog

Well, the first hour or so was great. Fuck this. Bulldog wins with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Chris Benoit vs DDP WCW US Championship

Chain wrasslin. Stand off. Not quite indy stand off. Benoit does the Hart corner bump and eats a big gut buster. He comes back and drops DDP on the ropes. I think the story of this match will be both guys going after the ribs/kidney areas. Benoit bails to the floor on a Kanyon Cutter attempt. Shit breaks down in a hurry. Wheelbarrow suplex from DDP. Basement dropkick. No kid killing brain damaging moves yet. Long cobra clutch sequence. DDP gets out with a jaw breaker. He gets hit with a snap suplex shortly after. Back to the cobra clutch. DDP gets out, but Benoit locks on a sleeper. DDP just straight dumps him out of the ring like trash. Superplex! Diving lariat. Crossface! DDP was in the ropes. Big belly to belly. Rolling German suplexes. Jumping DDT. Maybe brain damaging. I don’t know. Backslide is reversed into a Kanyon Cutter. BANG! DDP retains. 

A video on The Giant and his injury. 

Randy Savage vs Lex Luger No Disqualification

Lex still has his ribs taped. Lex is making all of his Lex noises. Very loudly.  So Lex has taped ribs and they’re worked on the whole match. Savage suplexes him and he decides to just stop selling them completely. Powerslam. Still not selling the ribs. Liz breaks up the torture rack. The nWo run in. Savage and Lex fight them off. Lex wins by DQ. In a no DQ match. This. Is. WCW. But Savage actually tapped out to the rack after the bell sounded, and then the ref called for the bell and raised Lex’s hand. But it was announced as a DQ.

The Outsiders vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

Rick and Hall start out. Rick gets Hall and Nash out of the ring. The Steiners do their pose and Scott turns on his brother! SWERVE! He hits a tiger bomb and also drills Ted for fun. Rick fights off The Outsiders for another minute or two, but gets caught in the Outsider’s Edge. New champs! New member! 

Hollywood Hogan vs Sting WCW Championship

Sting dives into the ring and Hogan already has his weight belt off. You’d think WCW would have learned from Starrcade, but this match also starts with Hogan dominating Sting. Just flat out making him look like a chump. Pulling his coat over his head and beating on him. This is ridiculous. Sting has no offense for like 10 minutes straight. He randomly decides to stop selling and fight back. Not Hulking up or anything. He just stopped selling and threw some punches. He takes Hulk’s weight belt off and goes to town. Hulk tries to run away, but Sting brings him back. Then throws him into the crowd. I don’t believe this is no DQ or falls count anywhere. Sting misses a Sting Splash on the railing. And just like that, Sting is back to looking like a putz.  Hulk lures in the ref to get caught in the Stinger splash. Leg drop. Nick Patrick comes out. 2 count! Hulk doesn’t like that Patrick is making fair counts. They get into some really strangely homoerotic positions, even for pro wrestling. Hulk is still dominating. Sting decides to Hulk up after about 15 minutes of getting his ass kicked. He can beat down the ENTIRE nWo by himself, but a singles match against Hogan is too much for him. Hulk kicks Nick Patrick intentionally on the way down for the death drop. The nWo hits the ring. Sting fights them all off. All of them. On his own. But he couldn’t handle Hogan? Savage came down and hit Hulk with a spray paint can. Sting pins him. New champion! Hulk has WCW spray painted on his chest. They STILL couldn’t let Sting get a clean win. What the fuck. I can’t believe the really just redid the Starrcade match. Sting had like 2 minutes of offense.

The first 2 hours were about as strong of a PPV as you can get, though. Typical WCW, really. Great undercard, weak as fuck main events.