WWF Summerslam 1995

Dean Douglas interrupts Vince and King to say he's going to be doing some summer schooling tonight.

123 Kid vs Hakushi

This could be good.  Indie standoff.  Then another one.  Then another.  So many stand offs.  Kid arm drags his way out of a powerbomb and is caught with a tiltawhirl backbreaker.  Handspring elbow.  Bronco buster...to X-Pac!  Hakushi does some solid kicks and then a Vader bomb.   Huge back drop and a spin kick to the throat sends Kid to the floor.  Space flying tiger drop!  In 1995!  In the WWF!  It's followed with a flying shoulder block back in the ring. Hakushi missed the diving headbutt. Kid comes back with a dive of his own and a sling shot leg drop.  Frog splash only gets 2 count.  Hakushi wins when he counters a spin wheel kick with a powerbomb.  It wasn't very long, but was better than anything on 1994's show besides the cage match.


TO THE BACK.  Dok Hendrix talks to King Mabel and is fucking annoying as can be.  FUCK MICHAEL HAYES.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Bob Holly

Lol.  HHH stalls and gets slammed a few times for it.  Bob Holly's mullet was amazing.  Stun gun from Hunner.  Hard Irish whip into the corner on Bobcore.  Knee drop.  We get a split screen of the Bulldog arriving in the building.  He had recently turned on Diesel.  They trade abdominal stretches and it ends with Holly getting hip tossed to the floor.  DDT from Bob!  Holly dominates for a bit.  Pedigree OUTTA NOWHERE!  HHH wins.  What a Superstars match. 


TO THE BACK.  The Kid is doing an online chat.

The Blu Brothers vs The Smoking Gunns

Man.  Harris Brothers and the Smoking Gunns?  So gross.  At least Zeb is out there.  Mullet/mustache era Billy Gunn certainly gives Jimmy Del Ray a run for his money in the skeeze department.  He did an early version of the Fameasser.  The Gunns won with the Side Winder.


Barry Horrowitz vs Skip

This is a rematch after Barry won his first ever match against Skip 2 weeks ago on Superstars.  Barry comes in on fire.  And wearing suspenders with trunks.  I would have watched a Barry vs Blue Blazer match on PPV.  But not Skip vs Barry.  Sunny is ejected for...something.   Not really sure what she did to get thrown out, but she didn't leave ringside anyway.  Since this was 1995, there aren't even any good shots of Sunny.  As Skip had the match won, Hakushi came out.  Due to botched interference, Barry defeated Hakushi last week.  Hakushi jumps over both of them, allowing Barry to win with a small package.  Despite all these Superstars matches, the match quality is better than 1994.  They have a guy in the aisle trying to plug t-shirts before and after matches.  This guy has a Barry shirt, and Barry nearly cries that he has his own t-shirt.


TO THE DEAN.  Shane gives us the definition of vivify.  He goes through the finish of the match and says that Barry was vivified by Hakushi's interference.  The ref gets an F for this match.  Barry gets an S for slacker.

TO THE BACK. Todd catches up with HBK.  But first, we're shown clips of the ladder match from WM10.  I always find it weird when I watch 90s WWF stuff and realize that HBK's hair was clearly thinning and receding even back then.

Bertha Faye vs Alundra Blaze WWF Women's Championship

Bertha Faye was shockingly fast and agile for a woman of her size.  I just hate Madusa.  Now and forever.  Bertha won with a sit out powerbomb in a very short match.  New champion!  JR caught up caught with Bertha and Harvey after the match.  Harvey is so gross.


TO THE BACK.  Barry, Skip, and Sunny were on the hotline.

Kama vs The Undertaker Casket Match

This came from Kama stealing the urn at WM11, melting it down, and turning it into a gold chain.  Taker is mad for this match and goes right in on Kama, knocking the shit out of him and throwing him around. Stinger splash!  Old school.  Kama is thrown in the casket, but exits before it can be closed.  Taker tries another Stinger splash only to be caught and powerslammed.  They're both in the casket for a bit.  Taker goes after Ted, which allows Kama to get out and go back on offense.  Taker is knocked on top of the casket and this match is reminding me why I've always hated casket matches.  Ted lays the boots into Taker, which gets Paul HEATED.  There is some brawling on the outside.  This isn't good.  Godfather was never a good wrestler and this gimmick match is pretty much always boring.  Kama tried a piledriver on the casket.  He was backdropped into the ring instead.  They both fall in the casket and the lid is closed.  So do they both lose?  Kama gets everything but his foot out, which means the the match continues.  They both get out and the padding on the lid has fallen off.  Taker wins.  Whatever.


TO THE BACK.  Madusa is doing an on line chat.  I wonder if someone showed her their dick.

Isaac Yankem vs Bret Hart

Kane gets an early lead on the match.  Bret gets back into it with a taint buster and a few lariatoos, the last one sending Kane to the floor.  Bret tries to Juvi himself on a pescado, landing head first.  He stays on offense for a while, using his technical skills to keep the big guy grounded.  Kane does a snake eyes on the ropes, with Bret's wrist getting twisted in the top and second rope.  Bret corner bump.  Always looked so brutal.  I get ahead to Bret being dumped to the floor.  He's rammed back first into the post.  Kane does a guillotine leg drop with Bret on the top rope, which he pretty much completely whiffs on, but I appreciate the effort of a guy that size even trying it.  Lariatoos.  Suicide Thesz press to the floor from Bret.  5MOD.  Bret locks on the Sharpshooter.  King pushes the rope closer to Kane's hand.  His hair looked fucking ridiculous.  He has a mullet, but with a duck bill on top.  It's about the dumbest thing I've ever seen and accentuates a bald spot that might not even be there if he didn't do his hair like that.  Kane goes up top and is slammed.  Bret ties Kane's feet around the ring post and goes after King.  Kane is untied and does a double ax handle to the floor.  Bret's head is twisted in the ropes as Kane and King try to literally murder him.  Kane is disqualified for attempted homicide. 


TO THE BACK.  Dok catches up with Razor before the Ladder Match II.  Bret randomly walks through the interview.  Razor definitely cut a heel promo.

Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels WWF Intercontinental Championship

Ladder Match

The whole story behind this match is so goofy.  Originally this was planned to be HBK vs SID in a ladder match.  Someone eventually had the thought that putting Sid in a ladder match was about as smart as putting two guys in their 40s with a history of serious leg injuries in a ladder match.  So instead, they plugged Razor in the spot for no real story reason.  And then they told the guys that they weren't allowed to use the ladder as a weapon.  Vince was really serious about family friendly stuff in 1995.  You could get an HBK shirt, poster, and glasses for $21, which is a pretty good deal.  Dok Hendrix has replaced King at the announce table.  Gross.  


Razor isn't a heel, but he's working pretty close to it. Finishers are teased early on, giving this a bit of a Japanese feel for New Generation era WWF. To add to that, Razor hits a nasty suplex off the apron. Kobashi shit up in this mug. Both guys keep going for their finishers, and both are desperate to avoid them. It's quite a while before the ladder comes into play, and when it does, it's treated as ultra dangerous instead of a prop to hang spots from. HBK gets his knee trapped in a nasty fall, and Razor goes to town on it. Instead of going for huge high spots, the ladder is being used to render HBK unable to climb it later on. And Razor is being such a dick head with it all. It's really wonderful instead of that grab my hair in agony face bullshit. Hall is always at his best as a cocky, cool dickhead. HBK has to rely on almost all of his offense coming from using the ladder, since his altheticism is so hampered. That doesn't stop him from jumping off the ladder, but he's not flying aorund the ring like he normally would be. A second ladder comes into play, and HBK dives off one of them to grab the title, misses, and lands on the other one. He climbs again and hangs on the belt, but falls without the belt coming unhooked. He throws a shit fit, climbs up again, and finally grabs the title. Title retained. This was definitely better than the first ladder match, and possibly the best ladder match ever. Just great story, selling, usage of the ladder, pacing, and emotion. 


TO THE DEAN. Razor confronted Dean Douglas after the match. Dean backed down from a fight, then tried to sucker punch Razor. It didn't work.

King Mabel vs Diesel WWF Championship

That's right, HBK/Razor in a ladder match can't be read, but I get to see Mabel vs Diesel.  Come on.  Mabel does some fat man belly bumps.  Isn't Mabel an old woman name?  How do you take a guy wearing a parachute and named Mabel seriously?  A flying shoulder block sends the King to the floor.  Pescado from Nash!  Boss Man slam.  Diesel kicked out.  Mabel does a full weight ass drop on Nash's back, which was a spot that Nash specifically told him NOT to do for this match, injured Nash, and was a factor in Mabel getting let go not very long after, along with crushing Taker's face.  The ref was bumped and Oscar jumped in the ring.  Lex Luger ran out. Diesel knocked him on his ass and out of the ring. Lex eventually ran Oscar off.  Mabel hit a belly to belly, but Diesel kicked out.  Mabel misses a second rope splash.  Diesel won after a flying shoulder block from the second rope.  Title retained.


There was a brief after show segment with Gorilla Monsoon booking HBK/Diesel vs Owen Hart/Yokozuna for ALL THE GOLD.

DQ Count: 1 out of 9 matches.

I think Summerslam 95 was better than 94.  It wasn't very good, but even the Superstars level matches had better and more interesting in ring action. The overall match quality was better, even if nothing was a good as Bret/Owen. The ladder match wasn't far off, though.