NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors 2017 Part 2

Ricochet vs Jushin Liger

Liger has been unable to pick up any wins in the tournament. SPOILERS: He ends up winning 1 match. Against Taichi. Fuck Taichi. The story
here is Liger getting progressively more frustrated with his inability to keep up with the younger, faster guys. Almost like this is leading
to him retiring or something. There's a weird amount of shit talk in this, but most of the match is submission based. Ricochet won with the
flatliner. His leg slaps were HILARIOUS in this echoy building. 

Dragon Lee vs Will Ospreay

Flippers set to stun. LMAO Ospreay does a leg slap for an IRISH WHIP. LOOLOLOLOLOL. Also lol at Dragon Lee dropkicking Ospreay while doing that dipshit super hero pose. This was a pretty back and forth match that Ospreay won with the springboard cutter. Dude has to drop the fighting spirit spots, though. His strikes are terrible.

BUSHI vs Volodor Jr

Lucha fuckery in Japan. Although Bushi is Japanese. Bushi quickly shows his ungovernable spirit by getting the flippy niceties out of the way
and then using a chair to smash Volodor's leg. Not that it really mattered, since selling is even less of a thing in lucha than Japanese
junior wrestling. Volodor out here doing Sabu spots in 2017. What a world. Bushi won with the flying codebreaker, but before that he hit a
Spanish Fly, which seems far more devastating and impactful than his actual finish.

Marty Scurll vs Hiromu Takahashi

Let's see what kind of dumb shit Marty can come up with this time. Pull your trunks up higher, grandpa. Of course, a chunk happens out on
the floor, which you can't see because of the limited camera shoot. They even go opposite the hard cam so you really can't see shit. There's
a young kid who keeps saying "Marty" over and over and over and it's driving me insane. This is the straightest match Marty has had in the
tournament and SPOILERS: He still sucks. His finger breaking spot is especially stupid because you can't be breaking fingers every fucking
match in the first place, but especially when guys are wrestling the next night without broken fingers. Takahashi won with the time bomb.

KUSHIDA vs Will Ospreay FINALS

Finally, the end of this 2 week odyssey of cartwheels and backflips. All I ask is that this match doesn't start with 3 minutes of flips out of headlocks and running by each other so they can do more flips and pose. Luckily for me, that doesn't happen. Instead, they do some mat stuff, which ends with Ospreay getting a busted mouth. Lol. The hundreds of flips and stand off comes right after, though. Then they go into a strike battle, which is lol since they have shitty strikes. The shit starts getting real because Ospreay won't stop talking mad shit. Kushida starts alternating between arm and leg work, so of course Ospreay immediately does a handspring backflip kick. Basically the one move that made no sense for him to be able to do right after. As I've watched this tournament, I've been making a checklist of moves/spots that happen in nearly every match. It turns out that Ospreay and Kushida checked off EVERY SINGLE BOX:


If you like all of those boxes being checked, you'll probably think very highly of this match. Kushida wins after a top rope small package driver rolled into a normal small package driver. He will now get another title shot against Takahashi.

Man, it's fascinating that the finals literally just went through the list of every common spot throughout the whole tournament, checked everything off, and it's getting effusive praise. I don't know how you could still be impressed with Ospreay/Kushida when you've seen all most or all of those same spots in every match in the tournament for 14 shows. Maybe if you saw it without seeing any of the other matches, it'd make sense to me why you'd be like OH SHIT. But having watched like...not even fully half of the tournament, I was entirely desensitized to every god damn spot they did, as I'd seen them all multiple times already. I had my list pretty well completed by the matches on the 7th day. I can't believe they straight up hit every one of them. 

I guess the big stories coming out of this is was Liger's last BOTSJ and he shit the bed, and that Kushida will get another shot at Takahashi despite getting steamrolled by him twice in 2017 so far. I get the story: Guy can't beat a guy, goes off to win a tournament/create a new finisher to get his mojo back, gets another shot and wins. It's fine. It's whatever. It's also been done at least twice with Okada in the past 4 years, as well as with Naito. Get a new story device, please.

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