WWWF MSG 6/30/73

What the heck, this aired on HBO, which was under a year old at this point.

Blackjack Lanza vs Lee Wong

Lanza was a big dude. When a guy his head and shoulders over the top rope in the old MSG ring, you know they were big. And a hell of a cheater, doing a whole lot of chokes and eye rakes, even using a flip flop as a weapon. After 20 times of choking a guy, you'd expect the ref to maybe step in and disqualify this guy. Lanza easily won with the claw, then did the greatest Punch Out victory pose.

Professor Tanaka vs El Olympico

Lmao, due to MSG's rules on masked competitors, Olympico got to wear his mask...as long as he cut the face part out. Before the match, local legendary fan Mrs. Kreiger aka Stunt Granny 1.0 gives Tanaka the business. She continues to fuck with him during his whole pre-match ritual, to the point where they have a split screen. Lmao. Oh shit, there's another old lady with her. Golden Girls vs Fuji/Tanaka. Book it, Vince Sr. Lmaoooooo now there's an old man helping out. Get Captain Lou and make it a six man  tag, playa. Tanaka is now in a foul mood, which you can tell by his pec claws, which outside of the first 15 rows probably looked like a purple nurple. LOOOOOOL Olympico gets out of a wrist lock with a wet willy. Tanaka used a lot of chicanery and won with a judo chop to the throat. What a fun match.

Lou Albano vs Gorilla Monsoon

I'd hesitate to really call this a "match", as it was 90% Lou poking Gorilla in the eyes until Gorilla got mad, chopped in a few times, and Lou ran away.

Black Gordman vs Victor Rivera

The face, Rivera, refuses to shake hands to start the match. The simplicity of trying to get out of a bow and arrow for 3 minutes gets such a gigantic pop for such a low card guy. What and who the crowd reacts to is always my favorite part of WWWF shows. Super low card guys get pops for the simplest stuff that guys in 2017 have to jump off the HIAC to get. Rivera won with a small package OUTTA NOWHERE. 

Dotti Downs/Peggy Patterson vs Jan Sheridan/Joyce Grable 2/3 Falls

Lol at all of these women having the same hair style and color. Surprisingly, this is worked and called like a real match between real athletes, and the crowd reacts accordingly (outside of the whistles and I would assume some catcalls). Pretending that this wasn't a thing until the 2010s is such a WWE move. Sheridan and Grable are the undersized faces in this. Much of fall one is normal heels cheating behind the ref's back and doing blind tags. I wouldn't exactly say it's good by any stretch. Whole, whole lot of front headlocks. Grable and Sheridan win the first fall with a dropkick OUTTA NOWHERE.

Fall two starts with the faces attacking while the heels are arguing with the ref. The fall ends with one of the faces MISSING a dropkick. #Storytelling

Fall three quickly ends with a victory roll for the faces to a very raucous ovation.  

George Steele vs Pedro Morales WWWF Championship

"Sit down ya jerks! What the hell's wrong with you?!" For whatever reason, WWE hasn't put out much footage of Pedro during his WWWF Championship reign. Much like the Gorilla/Albano match, I hesitate to call this a "match", as it's just Steele hitting Pedro with an object the ref can't see, then George avoiding and stalling when Pedro gets ready to go on offense. Steele gets busted open and the ref stops the match due to the cut. Title retained. 

Cheif Jay Strongbow vs Mr. Fuji

Wow, fuck this match. Hopefully Mrs. Krieger hits the ring. Lmao she's back getting rid of all the salt. It might just be that she's an old racist lady and doesn't like Japs, but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt because, you know, fuck Mr. Fuji. And fuck Jay Strongbow. The racism on display here. The Italian pretending to be an Indian won with a double cross chop.

Moondog Mayne vs Haystacks Calhoun

Lol, the Moondogs actually started out as hippies. Also shout out to this dude's being MAYNE. God damn, what a fat piece of shit Haystacks was. Thankfully, this only goes about 6 minutes. Haystacks won with a splash.