AWA Championship Wrestling on ESPN 3/4/86

Larrr Nelson starts the show with Judy Moore, the GM of the Showboat, where the show is being taped. She promotes the things they have at the boat, like BOWLING. The show will have Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall will be in action tonight. 

Shawn Michaels vs Buddhakhan

Lol at little HBK, in his belly button high trunks. Fans in Vegas don't like him at all for some reason. He's only about a year into his career at this point. Oh weird, he's doing a bunch of amateur stuff. OH SHIT DEADLIFT GERMAN! Almost. Still weird to see from HBK of any era. It's pretty funny how much this crowd does not like HBK at all. It's like a Cena match where they boo every thing he does, cheer everything the heel does. And by the way, how am I supposed to over look the fact that this dude named himself after on of the most famous arenas in Japan? This is young upstart using his speed and amateur skills against the veteran's cheap tricks. A lot of arm work from both guys. Greg Gagne really seems to like HBK. Certainly a lot more than the fans. Superkick OUTTA NOWHERE! HBK wins with a Superfly Splash. Larry talks to him after the match. Boy, he was a terrible promo. "Are you looking for a tag partner?" FORESHADOWING! 


Tim Patterson/Bun Boy Barton vs The Long Riders

Lmao. BUN BOY BARTON. What a great name. This smark ass casino. A heel crowd for sure. The terrible looks in this match.  Bill pins Tim with a bicycle kick. Larry speaks with them after the match. They AWA had made them put rubble soles on their boots, but they wear them anyway to keep people mentally off balance. They're coming for the pretty boys Hall and Hennig.


Scott Hall vs Doug Summers

Razor was so damn big in the AWA. Ol' Doug is muscling Hall around way too much for the size difference. Hall was so stiff. Not like, hitting hard, but just physically stiff. Hall being a tag champion should not have had the trouble with Doug Summers that he did. He eventually wins with a powerslam. Larry grabs a word with Hall and Hennig. A few weeks back, Stan Hansen injured the throat of Hennig. Both men want a crack at Stan and AWA Championship.   


IN THIS CORNER. Larry Nelson and Larry Zbyszko speak with newcomer Marty Jannetty. But first, a music video, which I think included Marty trying to get a girl to flash him. On the set, he sounds drunk or high, talking about teaming up with Shawn Michaels soon. Larry cuts him off, rightfully, because you can't understand a damn thing Marty is saying. All your pretty moves don't mean shit, breh.

Interesting to see the start of the Rockers, almost. Both teased in separate interviews, HBK didn't even mention Marty, and Marty said they'd be the US Express. But still. Razor and Perfect in the main event. A nice little time capsule.