UWF Fighting Network Hakata 9/24/88

Shiego Miyato vs Yoji Anjo

A real knees versus kicks match. Miyato won after multiple knees and kicks to the midsection. Anjo couldn't get up. 

Tatsuo Nakano vs Tsunehito Naito

Nakano just rolls right through Naito, winning in 2 minutes with a nasty half crab.

Norman Smiley vs Nobuhiko Takada

Seems like a big test for Norman. He's pretty popular with the UWF crowds, and a win over Takada could be huge. Sadly, Takada pretty easliy beat him in about 7 minutes with a heel hook with not a lot of effort needed. 

Akira Maeda vs Kazuo Yamazaki

Can Yamazaki have another big upset? No. He can not. In fact, he gets knocked the fuck out after a series of head kicks.

It's a lot easier to be forgiving when the matches aren't a half hour long. Anjo/Miyato was longer than the other 3 matches combined.