UWF Fighting Network Nagoya 11/10/88

Shigeo Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano

Again? Okay. Miyago wins the series with a crossface chicken wang.

Mark Rush vs Yoji Anjo

Man, Mark Rush looks like a monster. Like a jacked up Ole Anderson. He looks like a mean cunt. I'm assuming he's a grappler based on his look and body type. He was. He threw Anjo all around the ring with suplexes, slams, double legs, and so forth. I want to see more of this guy. He won with a rear naked choke.

Bart Vale vs Kazuo Yamazaki

Bart also has a great look, although his gear looks like an Elvis jump suit. He's a kick boxer. Yamazaki won with a knee bar.

Nobuhiki Takada vs Akira Maeda

The rematch. This is the first match to implement the points and down systems, of which I'm not super clear on the specifics of. I don't think it is the same as the rules they'd eventually have, which would have 5 knock downs carry the same weight as a tap out, but I'm not positive. Takada gets docked for a knock down and a rope break so who knows. It seems like you get 2 rope breaks, and any after that count as a down. I'm not sure why suplexes or throws down count as downs, though. Takada wins via TKO when Maeda barely goes down for a 5th down. Another war, but it was pretty lol that these dudes would just throw like 6 head kicks in a row with no response. And then the other would throw 6 head kicks in a row. These rules were kind of iffy to me, I preferred their previous meeting. Kind of felt like the rules made Takada's win a little less legitimate. he won by a technicality, not a decsicive tap out or KO.