WWF Monday Night Raw 8/9/93

TO THE LEX EXPRESS. Lex made a stop in Chicago, where he threw the first pitch at a White Sox game.

Tatanka vs Mr. Hughes

This rec center is so fucking low rent it doesn't even have a ceiling. It's just the furnace system with pipes and beams. Tatanka fucks up a leap frog at the start of the match. Here's a reminder: Tatanka was in a match at Wrestlemania 32. In 2016. Oh my god, the sound editing his hilarious. There's like..800 people in this building. Maybe 1000. Yet it sounds like the fucking Skydome. This was after the first half of the match was dead silent until the break. Then they came back and the crowd was so fucking loud, despite clearly not reacting at all. Hughes gets his glasses knocked off and gets counted out after a back body drop on the floor. The roar of this crowd is so loud you can't hear the announcers. Lol. Hughes lays Tatanka out with the urn after the match.

WHO IS LEX LUGER? The college years. Lex thought he was gonna be a football star, but started hanging out with the bad kids and got kicked off the team. He still went on to play in the CLF, NFL, and USFL. Probably would have played in the XFL had it been around. He goes on to talk about his time in Championship Wrestling from Florida and how he got into the business.

Bushwhackers/Macho Midget vs Blake Beverly/Brooklyn Brawler/Little Louie

Fuck everything.

TO THE CONTRACT SIGNING. Yokozuna and Lex Luger meet to get this match officially signed. Even though it has been officially announced and promoted for weeks. There's a whole host of officials in the ring, including president Jack Tunney. Jim Cornette is out with Yoko as he's now his American spokesman. Lex signed the contract without fully reading it. There was a clause in the contracted that stated Lex would never get a title shot if he loses the match. Everyone is pouring sweat, since it is August in New York and this building has no air conditioning, and they're all wearing suits. Shockingly, no violence broke out.

Razor Ramon vs Dan Dubiel

Sorry, Dan, you ain't shit. Razor is wearing USA wrist bands, which is leaning a little too far into his new face turn if you ask me. We got a super back drop out of this, so there's something to this show at least. 


TO THE BACK. Cornette is talking with the Heavenly Bodies, who are up next.

Heavenly Bodies vs Bobby Who/Mike Bucci

Fucking Nova. Vince hyping up the Bodies/Armstrongs feud is weird. Lmao, the Bodies' first double team is completely fucked up by everyone involved. Jimmy won with a moonsault, but shit, it's not a great debut when you're hyped as the best team outside of the WWF and the jobbers are bigger or the same size as you. And then you fuck up your spots.

There's hype for the Summerslam Spectacular, which will feature Yoko vs Duggan and Steiners vs Money Inc. in a cage. The build up to Summerslam has been absolutely dog shit, with seemingly 80% of everything done on the weekend shows, and things done on Raw being either very last second or done weeks and weeks apart from each other. The Lex Express stuff is easily the best part of the build to the show, and the sit down interviews with him especially. I don't know why those don't get mentioned in the same vein as the Mankind/Goldust interviews from 1997. It's basically the same thing: chilled out, personal, and out of character. 

Lex's push gets so much shit, but his push is certainly the best thing going on all summer, and he gets big reactions wherever he goes. They did everything right with him and had they not killed the whole thing at Summerslam, it'd be remembered far more fondly.